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Christian Louboutin high heels Features
Gone heel fashion people can not curb the cravings. As long as Marc, Christian, Manolo and Prada them to do it, there is always someone will wear them out. 08 autumn and winter will be the high-heeled shoes of the world, which is already beyond doubt. And what kinds of high-heeled shoes should be listed into your shopping list?

Chirstian Louboutin is exactly as you say.
Christian Louboutin has created the most famous footwear since the Cinderella myth. From KateMoss and Daphne Guinness supermodel like to Beyoncé, Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna such a star, everyone wearing his shoes.

Earlier this year, the New York Fashion Institute of Technology specifically for him to do a solo exhibition, in January, talk show queen Oprah Winfrey on her show dedicated to the eight million viewers in the introduction to his design. However, often the designer himself wearing a pair of fluorescent green Converse canvas shoes, hang a shoulder bag over the shoulder travel. His olive skin, short hair and pepper colored casual dress this body are like ordinary people like him, is not impressive. He also hoped that his shoes - rather than he himself - speak in his behalf.

"I have never cared." The 43-year-old shoemaker said, "I still like the one that began work in Paris, I was the original office, I would still open if you bike Vespa scooter ...... Every day is so over, you will not see any change. "
does not find inspiration from the fashion from 1992 opened its first store in Paris, since the interest may Louboutin not aware of the outside world. He did not TV, it "is not a magazine lover." In fact, he declared his design never to fashion or star who find inspiration. "In addition to fashion than, anything can give me inspiration," he stressed that "unless cooperate with fashion designer, otherwise I do not think about the problems with the outfits."

To prove it, he took out one pair of silver dew called Discoteka high heels, these shoes at the ankle with a sexy silver chain instead of the usual loop ride. He said it was inspired by "a girl out of Studio 54 - It's that simple." Another pair of pale yellow silk platform sandals decorated with a handful of feathers on the upper - was Louboutin in France Vendée farm he had just hatched chicks, designers see it was covered with a thin layers, which gave him inspiration. "I think, with a fluffy egg also very good." He said, smiling.

The Christian Louboutin's signature red soles are also derived from the accident. At that time he was giving his assistant wipe red nail polish, he grabbed the bottle, painted in their own half of the design sketch to add a few strokes. "That's just my handy painting, but soon became my logo ...... I see it as is a kind of provocative elements." He said. Many of his customers have said, the red soles for men has a fatal attraction.

High heels world
T-08 Winter Taiwan is clearly dominated by high heels, Louboutin is a well-known high heels fans. He's still in the early years of this complex from the school slipped in Paris to see the famous cabaret nightclub ThePalace - In the 1970s, Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent and Grace Jones are regulars there. "Those Showgirls deeply affected me," he said, "If you like high heels, then it is the ultimate high-heeled shoes - the key lies in how they decorated with their legs, they have is how to move freely and that is my ultimate Idol. "

Despite the charm of far less than the high heels flat shoes (they are cute, but not hot), but there is a fact that can not be ignored: not every woman has the ability to put more than ten centimeters high heels. According to the British "Daily Mail" reported that the British trade union recently asked employers not be forced to wear female employees with more than 4 cm high shoes, high heels means they think gender discrimination, from a long-term perspective is also very detrimental to health.

In this regard, Louboutin hold moderate attitude. "Comfort is very important, I think for the beautiful and suffering is meaningless," he said, "a pair of shoes should not only look good, they can not make people feel uncomfortable." He said, adding that many of his designs have a hidden front feet bottom, although with high may reach 18 centimeters, in fact, the height of 12 centimeters. "If you like to wear high heels, then 12 cm should be in your bear range.

People with high arch wear they can have legs. "Of course, like changing the Louboutin heels, said:" I am not a fascist. I will not force people to wear not used to wearing high heels. "In fact, several of his sister is not wearing high heels." Why are not they always complain I do some flat shoes. "His smile," They do not like shoes. "
No matter how much the outside world have criticized heels, high heels fans are tightly plugged ears.

He was afraid that the shoes are no longer in the accessories position. Whether it is more varied, dramatic and personal footwear design, or they are on the red carpet to attract more and more of the lens, have shown that designers are no longer as clothing with leather goods - they do not even consider the wearer, but instead requires that enable the wearer to adapt themselves to the most experienced models are faltering heels. As long as Marc, Christian, Manolo and Prada them to do it, there is always someone will wear them out.

Toe Toe
square head open-toed shoes have been popular in the past, and now it is back. Too heavy and dramatic square head shoes may be a nightmare for many people, but open a mouth in front, the effect will be greatly different. For feminine round head is concerned, it is a good swap material. It is very trendy, but unlike cusp shoe so eye-catching.

In this fall season, a pair of delicate open-toed shoes, square head would be a good choice.
Razor sharp pointed toe seems like just the shelves soon, now making a comeback. It sounds a little too fast this resurgence, but since stiletto here, it pointed shoes be far behind?
Styles, fabrics, details this fall and winter surprise is in the details. Buckles, belts, lace, studs, everything in this season's footwear can be seen. Suede so popular again, rare leather continued popularity. In addition, mixed leather (leather, suede, metal mix) occupies a prominent position. From the ankle to the knee, boots length range is now very extensive.

Jackboot almost every celebrity and supermodel Chanel dress in last year's meticulous Boots boarded the magazine. This year, compared to the low-heeled or flat boots, the high-heeled knee boots is the most popular single product. They are tightly wrapped hot legs, used with stockings, jeans or shorts are good.
Lace-up shoes and boots from the Victorian style to the sexy female teacher modeling, lace shoes will be popular for some time.
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